Need Help?

Get Windows Media PlayerYou must have Microsoft Windows Media Player to listen to our broadcasts.  This is a standard component included with the Windows operating system.  For best results, we recommend version 9.0 or higher.  For a free upgrade, click the Windows Media Player icon to the right.

Our audio stream requires at least 21 Kbps of available internet connection.  If you have a high speed connection, this will be no worry for you.  If you use a dialup modem, you can check your connection speed by hovering your mouse over the connection icon that appears next to the clock in your system tray.  For most people, this is in your lower right corner of the screen.  Although 21 Kbps is the minimum speed required, ideally you would have 28.8 Kbps or more.

If your computer plays, then pauses, then plays, then pauses....repeatedly, look to see if the media player window displays "(Buffering..)" during the pauses.  This indicates that your internet connection is too slow to support the audio stream.  This can also happen if you have too many applications trying to access the internet at once.  To solve this problem, try closing all other applications that are running.  If this does not work, restart your computer and try to listen to the stream again without running any other programs.